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Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites 14

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

In January I put myself on a three month long spending ban (Month 1 & Month 2) and I told myself i’d start to de-clutter before I bought a house. One of my goals in de-cluttering was to go through all of my makeup and toss what was old or i’d never use. I also wanted to use up as many of the sample sized products as I could. In doing those, I got rid of a ton of stuff! But, I also rediscovered a bunch of favorites that had been hidden away. 

Today I wanted to share with you guys the products i’m loving again to remind you to shop your own collection! You never know what’s hiding in those drawers. I also wanted to share these rediscoveries with you because if I was this excited about rediscovering them than you definitely need them in your own collection!

Seeing as it’s spring now lots of us are doing some spring cleaning so I highly encourage you to go through your makeup stash and take a peek at what’s in there. You never know what you could rediscover! 

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites:

E.l.f. High Definition Powder in Sheer

This lovely powder covers up any oil, looks matte, stays all day. It is a loose powder so it will get everywhere if you’re not careful. Shocked I let this fall by the wayside. For the price, it’s definitely the best powder I’ve used. $6.00

Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel

So good I wrote a post about it before and, it’s my most viewed post! Love this two step process, first you apply the scrub and then come in with the lactic acid gel. It heats up and feels amazing on the skin. Wash it clean and it literally gives you the smoothest skin ever. My winter skin could have really used this. $72.00

Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Foundation

Seems to not be available anymore but they have it in a BB cream. Then again I bought this in England so maybe it was never available here? You can find it on Amazon or the BB cream at Ulta. This foundation has a dewy finish without being too shiny. I have fairly oily skin so it’s saying a lot if I don’t think this is greasy looking. Love the finish and staying power. $6.99

Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blush in Peachy Dream

I’m starting to wonder just how old my makeup is? I did a huge cleanout not too long ago and tossed anything I didn’t think was good anymore. This isn’t sold either, can be found on Amazon though. Honestly, any peach/coral blush is a favorite of mine. Why I ever stopped using this is beyond me but i’m so happy it’s back. 

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Elizabeth and James Nirvana in Black and White

Mini rollerballs are the best for traveling or keeping in your purse. Or your car which is where I found mine recently. #oops These two scents are amazing. They’re a bit musky which I love. The white is more of a day time scent while the black is more for night time. The best part is that they can be layered for an even more amazing scent. $25.00 

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

Best eye brightener around. I’ve mentioned before that I get super dark circles if I haven’t been sleeping well and this really counteracts that. It can be easily layered under any concealer without creasing which is obviously really important. If you need an under eye brightener, this is it. The stainless steel tip is also insanely cooling and refreshing on tired eyes and puffiness. Win win. $36.00 

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment

If you’re looking for a balm (bomb, get it?) tinted lip balm this is the one you need. Best lip balm/moisturizer ever. It’s one of the few tinted lip balms that I actually enjoy, most tinted balms tend to not be moisturizing. And it smells amazing. Pretty pricey at $24.00 (I have a mini) but I only break this out on days where my lips really need help. The color is gorgeous and there are 12 shades!

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express in black

My favorite drugstore mascara. I always have a backup on me ready to go but i’ve been trying to use up the 5 other open mascaras I have *no shame*. The formula is amazing, really adds volume without clumping. I’m blessed to have super long lashes but they don’t curl or look very thick and this mascara really helps. If you’re looking for an amazing, inexpensive mascara, this is for you. $6.99

Makeup Eraser

Bought it, loved it, went on a micellar water and makeup wipe binge and now i’m back to it. Love it, works well, easy to clean, does stain pretty easily with mascara though. If you haven’t tried it, it’s pretty great. Promise. $20.00 


Bhcosmetics Contour and Blush palette

This is really inexpensive for the amount of product you get. I highly suggest it for anyone who wants some color variety but doesn’t want to break the bank. Not the best quality but it does last well on top of foundation. Very pigmented so you’ll only need a small amount. $10.99

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original

Love the original formulation, works well, does what it says and it’s super cheap at $7.99 a bottle. I got a dozen different dry shampoos in my Birchboxes and I had been trying to use those up. Now that they’re all gone I went and grabbed my Batiste instead of buying one of the samples I had. That’s saying a lot!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Fairest Glow

I’m very fair and you can always see my veins so, in the summer, if I haven’t gotten a little tan I always spray this on before heading out. It’s perfect for work so I can get away without stockings and it’s perfect for those short shorts that show off a lot of leg. I haven’t had any issues with this coming of which is a huge bonus. If you aren’t great with fake tanner (me) you need this in your life. It’s 300x easier. $12.99

Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm

$39.00 This is the first BB cream I bought and i’m still in love with it. I always forget how great it is on my skin and how well it holds up throughout the day. The spf 45 is the biggest winner for me, it’s the perfect summer foundation when you’re looking for light/medium coverage.

Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna

Two of the lip products you see in the pictures above got tossed a few days after I took these pictures. When looking up links for you guys I noticed that neither product had been sold in quite some time so I trashed them. Don’t want to be using old products on my face!

Question of the day: Have you ever done a search through your collection and discovered some new favorites? If not, now’s the time! 

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Rediscover Your Old Makeup Favorites // Being Leanna


Must See Historic Sites in Philadelphia 7

Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

Must See Historic Sites in Philadelphia, PA

When planning a trip to Philly you’re probably on a mission to see the amazing historic site, the Liberty Bell. After all, it is pretty famous. But, did you know that the Liberty Bell is in the middle of Independence National Historic park? 

Independence National Historic Park has been around since 1948 and it consists of over 20 buildings on 55 acres of land. Talk about impressive. Check out a map here to start planning your visit. It’s tough to see everything so I’ve summed up my top 3 spots to see within the park. Certainly you should hit as many spots as you can but if you’re cramming everything into one weekend these are the 3 you need to visit. 

Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

General Park Tips

Most of the historic sites are free to enter but, Independence Hall requires a timed ticket (still free) to get into. Tickets can be picked up at the Visitor’s Center which opens at 8:30. The visitor’s center also has a cafe, restrooms and maps for the whole park. Most of the sites don’t open until 9 so you’ll have time to grab breakfast before you go. In the warmer months I highly suggest getting a portable breakfast and eating in the grass or on one of the many park benches to take in all of the sights. There are security persons and metal detectors to get into the buildings (at least the ones I went in) so be mindful of what you’re bringing with you. You’ll need to take off your jackets upon entering and put any coats and bags through a conveyor like at the airport. 


Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

Independence Hall

If you’re American or have ever taken an American History class you’ll know this as one of the most historic sites in the USA. It’s the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, where the Articles of Confederation were adopted and where the US Constitution was enacted. In the west wing lies the original copies of all three of those documents. There is so much incredible history here that it’s my number one must see in all of Philadelphia. 

Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

Congress Hall

Located within Independence Square, Congress Hall is exactly what it sounds like. From 1790-1800 this was home to congress and the senate while Philadelphia was the temporary US capitol. Both George Washington and John Adams has their inaugurations here. If that’s not enough history for you the Federal Mint, the Navy, and the First Bank of the US were all established here. 

Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

Liberty Bell Center

Located directly across from Independence square the Liberty Bell center is another must see attraction. The bell itself is located at the end of a long hallway sprinkled with everything you could ever want to know about the State House Bell (as it was originally called) and its famous crack. Believe it or not, the crack isn’t a crack at all, it was part of a repair job gone wrong! Be sure to ask the attendants any questions you may have; they know all that there is to know about the bell and its history!

Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

There you go! The top 3 historic sites you need to see in Philadelphia. Yes, there are dozens more but these are the 3 you cannot leave town without seeing. Conveniently they’re all right next to each other so it makes for the perfect mid morning itinerary. Be sure to check out this review on the Sonesta Philadelphia if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Philly! Also, make sure you’re always looking for art, it’s everywhere in Philly. I even wrote a whole post about the best street art in Philly so you’ll have a guide!

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Must See Historic Sites In Philadelphia // Being Leanna

Spring Bucket List & 10 Free Blog Post Ideas 25

Spring Bucket List & 10 Free Blog Post Ideas // Being Leanna

Happy first day of spring!!! After what has felt like an endless winter I am so happy that today marks the first day of spring. There is still 2 feet of snow on the ground here (yuck) but i’m hoping it’ll melt quickly so that I can start to break out my t-shirts. We had a teaser of a nice week in February of 60+ degree weather and I’ve been dreaming about spring ever since. The daffodils were even starting to pop up but now they’re covered in snow.

Last year I wrote a spring bucket list post so I figured what way to celebrate the equinox by doing the same thing for this year! A lot of the things on my bucket list this year are the same so I figured i’d sweeten the deal for you guys by also including 10 free blog post ideas for spring! Click on the link at the bottom of this post to see the list, no downloads or signups necessary!

Spring Bucket List

//Go hiking now that I’ve got real hiking boots

//Finish up Helene’s course Instagram For Success – I’ve been majorly slacking on finishing this for some reason!

//Eat outside! This is one of the best parts of the spring and summer for me. 

/ Go to a happy hour outside! Again, being outside is the best part about spring. There’s a bar right next to my work that has the most amazing patio and I can’t wait to get out there and relax. 

//Buy a house! Yeah, lofty goal but i’m currently very seriously looking. So exciting and stressful all at once! If you’re looking to see how I’ve been saving up for a house, check out my spending ban post here! 

//Clean out all of my books. I’m a book hoarder. I still have books from my teenage days that really just need to get donated. 

//Start running outside. I said this last year too and it barely happened. I hate running but it makes me feel so good afterwards so I need to get back in the habit. 

//Clean out my closet. Before I transition my wardrobe from winter to spring I want to try everything on. Donate what I don’t want, toss what can’t be donated and make a list of things I need in my wardrobe. 

//Create more fashion posts. Keeping on the theme of going through all my clothes, I want to do more fashion posts! I miss them and even though I probably won’t have a ton of stuff to link i’m hoping you guys would still like them. 

//Book my fall trip to Denver! That’s right, i’m going to Denver in the fall for a long weekend! I’ll have more details when the plans are more solid. 

//Spend a weekend up at camp! 

10 Blog Post Ideas For Spring

Hope you liked my spring bucket list, be sure to share your bucket list with me in the comments or tweet me @BeingLeanna when you write your own spring bucket list! 

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How To Update Old Blog Posts 24

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna

Hey ya’ll! 

In the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself of updating my old blog posts. I’ve been going through them starting all the way at the beginning (I started this blog by doing a month long link up!) and doing a few posts every month throughout the year. So far, it’s been going great! I’ve seen some interaction on old posts that never had any sizable views before which is incredibly exciting. 

Because of how helpful these changes have been for me, I wanted to share with you all how I update old blog posts! 

How I Update Old Blog Posts

Pick a Post

I started way back in the beginning of my Being Leanna days and have been slowly working backwards. You might only have a few to update but I suggest going through every post just to make sure!

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna

Yoast SEO Plugin

First of all, I should note that I use WordPress but I’m sure there are similar plugins for Blogger. Ya’ll, this is the best plugin for WordPress. We all know that SEO (search engine optimization) is incredibly important for your blog posts and I never had this when I first started. The first thing I do is to work on my SEO. 

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna


I add in a keyword, something that resonates with the tone of the whole post. For this post I chose “organized” because that was the main topic. Staying organized. From there I also add in a “meta description” which is the description you see under the title when you Google a page. I don’t know about you guys but I always read that description when i’m looking for something on Google so I know I want it to be something that will give a potential reader a good idea of what to expect in my post. 

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna


Another amazing thing about Yoast is that they analyze the readability of your post. It’s been incredibly helpful when editing my posts because early on, I was all about the wordy sentences. Sentences that are too long aren’t easy to read. Strong writing has never been a skill of mine but i’m working on it! Also, In my old posts I never used subheadings either which visually break up all the words. I like to go back into posts and add relevant subtitles to break up all of the text. Subheadings are also a great place to add links to your other blog posts!

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna


Obviously this is the most important part of any post. When I go through and edit and update old blog posts I always begin by reading the text out loud. This helps identify any sentences that are structured strangely and times when you repeat something too often. 

You’ll also notice that over time your writing style has changed, mine certainly has. I like to go back and update old blog posts so that they’re more in my current voice. Back over a year ago I was still struggling to find my style of writing so it’s good to back through and edit things. 

I have also gone back to edit the formatting of my words. What was I thinking loving centered text? Now, I justify all of my posts. I love how it looks, and I think it fits more with my style. 

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna


This one is a hard one. Sometimes I want to update the title but I don’t have the original picture to be able to re-edit. In those cases I generally just add onto the current title like I did in this case. The post went from “How I Stay Organized” to “How I Stay Organized- Using Multiple Notebooks” which gives a bit more of a glimpse into what the post is about. Always make sure your title is captivating! 

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna


Can’t forget the pictures! In my old posts I always just added pictures in here and there and never did much with them. When I go through and update my blog posts I like to resize the pictures (so they aren’t ginormous and load faster) and I like to make them all uniform in size. Back in the day I never added titles to my pictures either, big mistake. When you to to pin them on Pinterest there weren’t any captions at all. Not good. 

Open up the picture editor and add in a title. I always rename pictures to have the same title as the blog post with my blog name at the end. I like the uniformity. The Alt caption is what shows up at the bottom of your picture when you post to Pinterest. Super helpful for anyone Pinning your images! Speaking of, there’s a pinnable image for this post at the bottom if you want to save this! 


In addition to editing the pictures that are already in the post, if I can I like to add in a Pinterest friendly image. Vertical is the way to go for Pinterest and most of my old pictures were always horizontal. I’ll open up PicMonkey (it’s free!) and edit away until I get a nice, vertical image. This might just be me but I like to put my name on all of my pictures. Sort of like a water mark. Not sure how helpful it is, but it makes me feel better so I do it. (Except for these because they’re all screenshots and you can clearly see my website address)

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna

Last, but certainly not least, I like to add in my thank you banner that you see below! 

Questions of the day: How do you update old blog posts? What are your most used bookmarks? You can see mine in all of the screenshots above!

How To Update Old Blog Posts // Being Leanna

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel 16

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m a hotel person. I love the idea of an Airbnb, a hoste,l and even camping (or glamping) but sometimes a good ole hotel is the way to go. I was looking in to Airbnb’s for my trip to Philadelphia and I couldn’t find any in the area I wanted that were less than a hotel. So, I booked the Sonesta. It was my first time ever staying in this chain so I wanted to take you all on a tour of my room and share my experience! 

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna

Sonesta Philadelphia 


If you’re looking for a centralized hotel in Philadelphia this is it. Being centrally located is the number one priority for me when i’m looking for a hotel. I literally walked everywhere I needed to go. Not once needing to step onto public transportation. Just a 5 minute walk in any direction and you could be at a main attraction. The fact that I got free parking in the garage was icing on the cake. I almost took a train into the city because it would have been cheaper than paying for parking. Yikes.

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna

Check-in/out process

I’ve never had a quicker or more friendly check-in experience than I did at the Sonesta hotel. The gentleman that checked me in (wish I could remember his name!) got me ready to go in record time all while answering my thousand questions about different attractions and places to eat. He also gave me the run down on the room service menu because I was starving and a bit stressed from the drive. The concierge also informed me that even though my checkout was noon that I could keep my car in the garage until 6pm that night! That’s insane for a city where parking is $10/hour. The front desk even called my room shortly after check in to make sure everything was up to my standards. I don’t know if this is normal for a nice hotel but I was smitten either way. 

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna

The Room

So much light and space!  I was booked in a room with 2 queen beds. It was more space than I needed and I loved it. So much room for activities! Or, just using the second bed as a dresser #guilty. The bathroom was a tad small but just fine for one person and the lighting was insane. So great for makeup (if you’re interested in what’s in my travel makeup bag let me know!). The room also had a great couch, mini fridge and a full sized ironing board. I don’t know about you guys but I hate those mini ironing boards. I roll my clothes when I pack but they always end up with a few wrinkles that I need to get out. Plus, the art was pretty great. If you know anything about me you know I’ve got a map obsession.

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna

The Lounge

The Sonesta has what they call the ArtBar and it was a great lounge/bar area. I would sit and sip a beer while on my laptop after dinner some nights if I didn’t want to sit in my room. I also got probably the best margarita of my life here. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the to-go cup they prepared it in for me to take to my room. It’s the perfect place to take a quick pit stop in between sight seeing or to spend the night at. If you’re looking for a more fine dining kind of place Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is also attached to the Sonesta. Steak people have heard of this place, apparently it’s amazing? All I know is that it was packed all weekend. 

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna


The building itself is a piece of art, you can’t miss it when walking or driving down the street which is really cool. The whole front of the building is a mural and it’s stunning. Speaking of views, my room was classified as a “room with a view” but it was just a view of the office building next door. I could see up and down the street a little but not much. Luckily I don’t care much about that as I was barely in my room during the day. As for the sounds, the hotel was pretty quiet. I could hear outside traffic just a bit but the hotel is on a main road. I couldn’t hear anything in either of the adjoining rooms but if people were in the hallway it was incredibly loud. It’s the one complaint I had about the hotel. Luckily nobody ever hangs out in the hallways but if people are strolling to their room and talking in the middle of the night, you’ll probably hear it. 

A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna

Overall Thoughts

Would I stay here again? Absolutely. In a heartbeat. The next time I stay in Philadelphia, or anywhere with a Sonesta hotel i’ll book a room there. Their staff was beyond expectations. I asked questions about my map every day, asked about restaurants to eat at and how safe certain neighborhoods were to walk around in at night. Everyone was friendly and had great advice. Even the bartender who made my margarita helped me map out how to get to a donut place the next morning. 

Looking for more Philadelphia info? Check back as i’ll be adding more posts soon, for now here’s my guide to the Street Art in Philly and my Casual Vacation look

Question of the day: Have you ever stayed with Sonesta? Tell me your experience below!

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A Stay At The Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Hotel // Being Leanna