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The Best Places To Find Travel Inspiration Part2! 9

The Best Places To Find Travel Inspiration Part2// Being Leanna

Welcome back to my amazing list of places to find travel inspiration! If you have no idea why i’m saying welcome back, check out part one here before you read this post!

Now that we’re all caught up today i’m talking about my other sources of travel inspiration, some might be obvious, some might not and that’s why i’m sharing them with you! From last weeks responses it seems like bloggers aren’t the number one source for ya’ll to find travel inspiration which was crazy to me! So hopefully today i’ll let ya know some more resources that might not be as familiar too.

First up is one that i’m sure we all know and love…


The easiest way to find travel inspiration, besides Google, is to just type in a destination or even just browse the travel section of Pinterest. Boom. Done.

Just kidding, I have a little bit more to say about Pinterest. First of all, you should follow me if you don’t already and second of all, if you don’t take advantage of hidden boards, you’re missing out. Yes, as you can see above I have a travel board, but I also have a couple secret travel boards. The one i’m using right now is for my Contiki trip and has all sorts of pins for the specific locations i’m going so I don’t have to scroll through millions of pins in my regular travel board to find what I need. Secret boards are you friend!

Another thing about Pinterest that you probably already know but that I have to say anyways is, make sure that pin goes somewhere! I’m in the middle of cleaning out my Pinterest boards to make sure every. single. link. works. It’s a pain but why pin a beautiful beach if you can’t click and see where it is?


Who could have seen this one coming? Not me honestly, I rely on the internet for basically everything. But, a couple weeks ago I found myself with some extra time so I was meandering around my local library and found a book called Top 10 Rome. I’ve been hooked on travel books ever since. In fact, 1,000 Places to see Before you Die just landed on my doorstep and If you guys never hear from me again it’s because 1,114 pages long. Every wanderluster needs this book asap. 


I’ll admit I don’t use this a lot but I have gotten some very useful information from YouTube. I watch a lot of beauty girls on YouTube and they all travel a ton. So, when they do I religiously watch their vlogs and take note of what sites they see, where they eat, and what beauty stuff they buy. Might seem super weird but I quite enjoy it. Especially Amelia Liana videos. She is always going on little trips and just went to Budapest and i’ll be there in a couple weeks. I loved watching and seeing what she did and where she ate. In video form you get to see what people actually thought of things instead of just reading reviews of restaurants. I personally really like that. So, if you’re into makeup videos, or into vlogs like I am, go check her out. She’s one of my favorites. And, if you guys like YouTubers, let me know in the comments who you watch! 

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 here!

Question of the day: Where do you get most of your travel inspiration from? Tweet me or leave a comment below! 

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

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