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The Best Places To Find Travel Inspiration 13

The Best Places To Find Travel Inspiration// Being Leanna

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to get back into that weekday groove. I managed to pick up a cold this weekend so i’m hoping that ya’ll are doing better than I am today. Although being sick has many downsides, the one upside is all of the lounging you can get away with. And, what better to do when you’re lounging around? Find some new travel destinations to go to of course! 

The best way to get over a cold is to browse the internet for some travel inspiration, right? Click To Tweet

So, today I wanted to share with you all the best places that I get my travel inspiration from because if you guys are anything like me you love to explore new places. Flying to those new places, not so much, but exploring them for sure. So, where’s the first place my wanderlusting heart goes to? World of Wanderlust blog of course! I’m sure many of you have heard of Brooke and probably follow along with her blog (and maybe even her YouTube channel) but I just had to mention it because she has been my biggest inspiration to travel, and to travel solo! Okay, well, as solo as my parents will allow. I first heard about Contiki through World of Wanderlust and booking my first trip through them has changed my life. Honestly. 

What I find most appealing about World of Wanderlust is that it is very relate-able. Sure, now that she’s got all sorts of brand deals and recognition she gets to stay at swankier hotels, but she’s still a goofy girl in her 20s that could be any of our best friends. So, if you haven’t already, go check out World of Wanderlust and get lost exploring the pages and pages of information in the destinations section. 

Another blog I love to go to when searching for travel destinations? The Overseas Escape. Margo and her husband had been expats in Germany and have shared TONS of lovely footage from all over Europe. Margo recently created some amazing Escape Guides that include literally everything you would ever need to know about a trip. I will say though, my favorite post by The Overseas Escape was all about using Google flights. I was blown away by all of the different options you have on there. I absolutely love that they have an open ended search feature. 

Now I may or may not have ever mentioned that i’m dying to go to Iceland for an adventure. It’s been on my bucket list for a couple years now and that’s especially thanks to Kaelene from Unlocking Kiki. I love her posts all about Iceland, especially the waterfall hunts her and her boyfriend go on. I use her blog as constant inspiration and I even have a secret Iceland Pinterest board dedicated to the country. Kaelene even has a whole section that’s just about the country’s capital Reykjavik because a lot of people go there on stopover. In fact, Iceland Air heavily promotes it’s stopover services to encourage tourism. My Iceland trip might even be a part of a stopover to Europe, I haven’t decided yet. But, that’s only because there are too many beautiful things to see in Iceland to stay just a couple of days.

I also follow Live With a View by Jeannie who, like Kaelene, is also an American expat. They both have city guides that are fantastic. I love the way Jeannie writes and her guides are so thorough and perfect for someone who doesn’t know anything about Iceland. Everything you need to know about renting a car? Perfect, I would have no idea how to do that anywhere that wasn’t America. What to pack? Yes please, I know it’s colder in Iceland but please tell me what I actually need so I don’t bring my whole closet. My favorite part of Jeannie’s blog is the entire section of planning tips for Iceland. My organizing heart skipped a beat. 

Stay tuned for part 2 where I talk about my favorite resources for travel inspiration that aren’t blogs!

Question of the day: What are your favorite bloggers to get travel inspiration from? Please let me know in the comments because clearly i’m obsessed. :-]

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

I’m a Plant Mom Now, And Other Weekly Favorites

Friday 5 // Being Leanna

Happy Friday!!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week and are ready to relax this weekend. The weather here is supposed to be beautiful so i’m excited to get outside. In the meantime though i’ll be catching up on blog reading tonight so I thought i’d share 5 of my favorite posts i’ve read so far this week! And, I’m throwing in my my most recent Instagram photos for more of a “life favorites” of the week. Enjoy :-]


Things are starting to get real! #contiki #noregrets #beingleannatravels

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//Helene In Between- 14 Days To A Better Blog\\ So, i’m sure you’ve all seen Helene’s post right now but I just had to share it. I am SO excited for the free Ebook she wrote and cant’ wait to get reading it. Have you guys downloaded this as well? Helene is my go-to for anything related to helping my blog grow, i’ve attended her webinars and even purchased one of her courses (that I still haven’t found the time to finish) and i’ve taken away a ton of knowledge from all of it. 



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//Love The Here & Now- Why You Need To Take The Leap\\ I just love a good motivational post, don’t you? Definitely give this a read if you haven’t already. As Anne says, your imagination is often way worse than the reality. It’s so easy to just sit back and not take action and it’s not good! So take the leap! 


When it starts to feel like summer you breakout your favorite summer skincare products! 😎 #supergoop

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//Venus Trapped In Mars- 6 Ways to Get Great Instagram Photos On Your Lunch Break\\Man, I needed to read this. I’m trying to up my Instagram game because I love the platform so much but I never plan pictures ahead of time. Why not use my free time to take pictures of beautiful things to post later? It’s way better than rushing to throw up any ole picture just for the sake of posting. Can’t wait to see what’s around my building at work to take pictures of.


Tiny flowers brighten my day 🌼 😃

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//My So-Called Chaos- Today I am Thirty\\ Loved Angie’s post this week. First of all, Happy Birthday Angie! Second of all, wow. I love how open and honest this post was. Everyone has body image issues and it’s important to love yourself no matter what you look like and I really think Angie’s post was very well written. Plus, how awesome is her birthday photo shoot? We should all do that every year ha.  


I’m a plant mom now. 🌱

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//Being Leanna- The Best Sunnies For Summer\\ Okay, okay, i’m a little bit biased on this one because I wrote it. But, I was super happy with the pictures and the amazing customer service over at Firmoo. Plus, they were so inexpensive for prescription sunglasses that I need to yell about it from the rooftops. Prescription eyeglasses and sunnies are so dang expensive so it’s a huge deal that I was able to afford 2 different pairs. Go check it out! 

Question of the day: What were some of your favorite things from the week?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna


A Blissful Haven


The Best Sunnies For Summer 1

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

Two things: 1. I love sunnies. 2. This post is in no way sponsored by the brand i’m about to rave about.

Why do I love sunglasses? Well, they protect your eyes from the sun and they’re super stylish. In my opinion everyone needs a great pair of sunnies to make your summer wardrobe complete. As a person who wears glasses the struggle of finding sunglasses that work is pretty challenging. I don’t wear contacts (the thought of putting something in my eyeball freaks me out) so I wear my glasses pretty often. But, that means I need prescription sunglasses and those are pretty darn expensive. 

For years I only had 1 pair of prescription sunglasses and they were the best investment I’ve ever made, but, it was so hard seeing all the cool sunglasses at Target and knowing that I could buy them and have to risk not having great eye sight to look cool. I had a couple cheap pairs of sunnies for just hanging out but whenever I actually needed my eyesight, like when driving, I had to put on my boring prescription ones.

If only I could have cool, inexpensive prescription glasses I’d be all set for summer. Oh wait! I can. I’ve semi-recently discovered Firmoo and placed an order back in March. I’ve been obsessed with my sunglasses ever since. All sorts of bloggers and YouTubers have been talking about Firmoo for a long time now and I finally decided to see what all of the fuss was about. 

Seeing as i’m going on vacation in a month and my current sunnies were past their prime I wanted to get new shades that i’d feel comfortable wearing all day while walking around. I love the wayfair style without the Ray Ban price so I was on a mission. 

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

Boy did they deliver. These are perfect for me. And they could be perfect for you too. The best part about the Firmoo site is that there are so many different ways to search for sunglasses. Searching by size is what worked the best for me because I had a wayfair style regular glasses I liked I just searched by that size and went a bit bigger. You can also chose the lens color which is pretty awesome. 

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

Have I mentioned their lenses start at $39.00 a piece? There’s no beating that. Yes, you will pay to upgrade some things like the lens color or if you need special sizing but that’s still way less expensive than the ones you’d get from an eye doctor. All you have to do is add your prescription, customize your frames and add it to your cart. 

Oh, and in addition to being inexpensive? They frequently have sales going on or coupons you can take advantage of. If you sign up for their emails you get 15% off your first order and if you search for them on Retail Me Not you can often find even better deals. I just so happened to find a 2 for 1 coupon and go these babies as well.

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

I love a good aviator (similar). Plus, it’s always great to have two pairs of sunglasses. Some outfits just look better with aviators. Am I right? Anyways, the only annoying thing about these is that when I was filling in my prescription it wants to know your PD or “pupillary distance”. Now, my prescription didn’t have this and I really had no idea what it was. So, I kinda just filled in an answer after googling what an average one was. My wayfair style glasses came in fine but my aviators are a bit narrow. They look fine in pictures but they look a tad wonky in person. They’re very narrow on the bridge of my nose, but hey, it’s not bad and it’s my own fault. My suggestion is to ask your eye doctor about this before ordering glasses from this website. 

The Best Sunnies For Summer// Being Leanna

So in love. And I only spent $55.95 for both. I had to pay $10 extra because of the small PD, I think? I’m honestly not too sure but the wayfairs were free so I can’t complain. Definitely be sure to check for coupons if you’re going to order from them. Oh, and did I mention they sell regular glasses as well? BAM. Never buying overpriced lenses at the eye doctor again. 

You’re welcome :-]

Question of the day: Do you have to have multiple pairs of sunnies like me to be happy or are you cool with just one good pair?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

*again, this content is in no way sponsored by Firmoo, but if they’d love to give me some free sunglasses i’d be more than happy to oblige. :-]

You Might Not Know… 6

Hey friends!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! It is finally starting to feel like spring here so I took advantage and spent some time outside. It was perfect. I went with a couple friends to eat lunch outside Saturday, and we got ice cream too. Such a perfect day. I can’t wait to be able to do that every weekend. Eat outside I mean, not eat ice cream. I’d never feel comfortable in a crop top if I ate ice cream every weekend. Speaking of crop tops I thought what better way to come back from my week break than to join in on the 52 Week Blogger challenge! This week the prompt is “you may not know…” so here are some things you might not know about me. Here we go!

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna//So that crop top thing, well, I bought a crop top last fall and I have been dying to wear it. I want to be one of those girls that can pull off a crop top. I may be alone in thinking that this trend is pretty great but I can’t deny that I like it. Never thought i’d be a midriff bearing person but I kinda want to be. At least when wearing high-waisted shorts, pants or a skirt were you can only see skin if you raise your arms. I don’t want my whole stomach out. I even wrote about that in a post a little over a year ago, check it out here. Not my style at all.

//I hate painting my nails. I love how my nails look afterwards but I hate doing it. It takes forever for any polish to dry and it leaves you practically immobile when you have wet nails. And, i’m too cheap to go and get my nails done by myself. 

//Instead of a diary, I have a planner where I write down everything I did that day. I started doing it in January and haven’t missed a day since. I think it’s because each day has it’s own spot where a diary is just blank pages. It’s been pretty therapeutic writing every day. Even just a small paragraph really helps me to reflect on the day. Do you guys keep a diary or journal?

//I turned down my first paid sponsorship for my blog because of a conflict of interest with work. It made me feel so sad and so adult at the same time. I really do love the company I turned down but, I think I like their competitor better anyways (more on that to come).
Meet me, again! // Being Leanna//I collect post cards whenever I go on vacation somewhere. They don’t take up much room in a suitcase and they can easily be hung up on the wall as art. Plus, they’re fun to send people. If anyone wants a postcard from me while i’m in Europe, send me an email at! Or if anyone ever wants to send me a post card that would be awesome too. I’d love a pen-pal. 

Visit Being’s profile on Pinterest.

//I try so dang hard to get into Pinterest and I just can’t anymore. I’ve had an account for years and I used to be on it 24/7 and now I just go on there to search for specific things (like recipes or how to make a tassle garland). I’m always pinning stuff from the blogs I read but I never go there for inspiration. I gotta fix that. Also, I think i’m the only woman in her 20’s without a “wedding” board. 

My Favorite Things: April// Being Leanna//I am extremely good at planning ahead but i’m also great at procrastinating. For example, I’ve got lists of places I want to see and things I want to do for every city i’m going to in Europe next month, but I’ve been telling myself i’m going to make a tassel garland for about 3 weeks now and haven’t even taken the tissue paper out of its packaging.

//I pack a lunch to bring to work every day. Even if there’s no food in the house i’ll bring random snacks just so I don’t have to go out and pay for a lunch. I’d rather eat a pb&j then buy a sandwich every day. Plus, I can actually enjoy my entire 30 min lunch eating instead of rushing. 

//I shop online ALL the time. But, 99% of the time I just tell myself I don’t need anything and close out of the browser. As I’m writing this I have 6 things in my cart at Banana Republic Factory and 2 at Ulta. Things I really don’t need and won’t buy. That being said, I did just buy 2 pairs of dress pants for work and about 10 plain tank tops to wear under shirts… those I really did need though… 

You May Not Know...// Being Leanna//I love peanut butter. Okay, that may not be a surprise to some long time readers but I really love peanut butter. I could eat it every day and never get sick of it. By the way, that picture above is peanut butter ice cream with Reeses Pieces on top. 

Alright, off to ATTEMPT to make that tassel garland… hopefully. And, if you’re interesting in learning a bit more about me, check out my most recent “re-introduction” post here. 


Question of the day: What are some things you want me to know about you?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna


52 Week Blogger Challenge

This or That: Cushion Foundation! 11

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being Leanna

Cushion foundations seem to be all the rage right now and I am all about trying new things so I had to pick one up! And by one, I mean 2. I couldn’t decide between them and I needed to make a comparison! I mean, how else could I call myself a beauty blogger? :-]

I picked up the it Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation and the L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation at Ulta and i’ve been trying them out for a couple weeks and i’m ready to tell you guys my thoughts.

it Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation ($38) Vs. L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation ($16.99)

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaPackaging:

Honestly, they’re both pretty identical in packaging. They both have a lid that flips open to reveal a sponge applicator and then another lid that opens sideways to reveal the actual product. Looks wise, it’s pretty hard to compare, I can’t decide whether I prefer the rose gold of the L’oreal or the silver of the it Cosmetics. While I love the rose gold, the it Cosmetics does have a feature that just cannot compare. It’s refillable. Instead of just tossing the entire packaging when you’re finished you just buy a refill and pop it in there. Perfect! 

Verdict: it Cosmetics


This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaApplication/Blend-ability:

L’oreal: This goes on so amazingly well. I love how easily this blends into my skin. The texture is silky and goes on my skin smoothly while sinking in so well that you wouldn’t notice there was any foundation there. The sponge is thoroughly drenched in product but it’s not too wet where it would be spilling all over the place. I can get just enough product on the applicator to get a nice, even layer on my face. I don’t have to press too hard into the sponge to get the right amount of product which really makes me happy. 

it Cosmetics: This sponge was a bit dryer than the L’oreal and I feel like I have to work more to get the product out. It’s not too annoying but it’s definitely a big difference between the two. To be fair the it Cosmetics has .34oz of product and the L’Oreal has .51oz which is definitely a hefty difference considering the price tag. Besides that, the foundation goes on very smoothly and seamlessly blends into my skin. The fact that this has a sunscreen makes this super appealing as well.

Verdict: L’Oreal

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaCoverage:

L’Oreal: I was extremely impressed with the coverage on this cushion foundation. Because the texture is so lightweight I was concerned that I wouldn’t get any of my redness covered but that was not the case. Now, that’s not to say this this is a full coverage foundation, it’s not, but, it is the perfect amount of coverage for me. I’d say that this is a lightweight coverage (my preference) but it is easily build-able to medium coverage without looking cake-y. 

it Cosmetics: This was a lovely, lightweight, coverage that really hid my redness. I love how light and soft the texture is and despite that it doesn’t slide right off my skin when I get oily. Because of that though it does tend to look like there’s foundation on your skin. My nose gets especially oily throughout the day and it’s constantly red. This cushion foundation just doesn’t cover that up without powder. 

Verdict:  L’Oreal

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being LeannaLong lasting:

L’Oreal: Well, there had to be a down side right? This holds up pretty well though the day but it does start to fade away. Luckily it seems to fade evenly so my skin doesn’t look patchy. For a drugstore product under $20 you get what you pay for and I’m more than willing to touch up towards the end of the day if i’m going out after work and want to be looking fresh.

it Cosmetics: For a foundation with a high SPF I wasn’t expecting this to stay too long on my skin but I was wrong. Any other foundation i’ve tried with sunscreen seems to just melt off as soon as I get oily (another reason I generally prefer powder foundations) and I was so thrilled that that wasn’t the case with this one. I’ve found that most of this stays on my face all day, except my nose region that I mentioned earlier. When I go and remove my makeup with a wipe at the end of the day there is considerably more product on there  then when I use the L’Oreal foundation.

Verdict: it Cosmetics

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being Leanna


L’Oreal: I’ve discovered that liquid foundations seem to be removed more easily than powdered foundations. This foundation slides right off with a makeup wipe without too much effort. And, when I use just a cleanser to remove my makeup it comes off just as easily. (I use a makeup wipe first and then a cleanser every night)

it Cosmetics: For the most part this comes off incredibly easy but I’ve found around my hairline I do need to scrub a bit with my makeup wipe to get it off. While that’s a great thing during the day because it lasts forever, it is a bit of a pain at night to have to scrub it off. 

Verdict: L’Oreal

This or That: Cushion Foundation it Cosmetics vs. L'oreal // Being Leanna

Final Thoughts:

While I truly love both of these cushion foundations I do have to pick a winner. I preferred the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion and have found myself gravitating towards it. I really think that the sponge texture is what made me chose the L’Oreal. I use a real techniques sponge to apply this to my skin (I tried the included sponge applicators for a while, it worked but not as well as a real sponge applicator) and the transfer from sponge to sponge is way easier with the L’Oreal foundation. As you can see from the picture above the right product (L’Oreal) is more porous and allows the liquid out much easier while the it Cosmetics on the right is way more dense. 

Overall: L’Oreal wins! 

Question of the day: Have any of you tried a cushion foundation, what are your thoughts?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna