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When You Can’t Stop Wanderlusting…

When You Can't Stop Wanderlusting// Being Leanna

Now I know i’m not the only one with this problem. Heck, half the blogs I read are travel related which really doesn’t help my wanderlusting. So I wanted to share with you guys what happens when you can’t control it. When you can’t stop, so much that it’s become almost an addiction. Let me know what happens when you can’t stop wanderlusting in the comments below!

//You have at least 10 tabs open with different transportation sites, travel sites, travel blogs and your bank account at any given time.

//You check Groupon Getaways daily for trips you might be interested in.

//You clear your search history all the time so that the flights you check up on almost weekly don’t keep going up (yes, i’ve heard that it happens).

//Your favorite travel bloggers (I’m looking at you Kaelene of Unlocking Kiki) have you so interested that you have overloaded your Travel board on Pinterest with half of their posts. 

Follow Being’s board Travel on Pinterest.

//Your notebook is filled with various travel destinations you’re interested in with places to do/see/eat in those particular destinations.

//Working for a travel company just might have become your newest obsession because you could learn about so many new places. (Not to mention the possibility of discounts)

//It’s taken you almost two hours to write this post because you got sidetracked with almost buying a Groupon for a camper van so you can finally do that drive from San Fran down to LA using Highway 1. Really. I might just buy it. 

//You pay for everything on your credit card, even that $2 cup of coffee, just so you can earn the miles. And you’ve spent many an hour weighing the pros and cons of what travel credit card to get.


Now please excuse me as I spend the weekend on all of those travel sites I linked above while simultaneously watch football. I’m torn between 2 destinations. Iceland (because, duh) and a roadtrip in America because I’ve never been on the west coast. Decisions, decisions. To Trip Advisor I go!Thanks For Reading

ps. I hope ya’ll have a great weekend :-]


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