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This week

 Hello Readers!

I am really not feeling well today (Saturday night as i’m typing this) so i’m going to jump right into the weekly recap! Hope your week was amazing!


The warmest clothes I own. It has been FREEZING here in New York this week with temps that are -20. I’ve worn knee high socks under all of my work pants this week and haven’t left the house without gloves, a hat and a scarf. Right now i’m wearing a moisturizing face mask from The Body Shop so I can try to quench my skin from all of this dryness.


I watched a lot of YouTube this week. I had a lot of videos piling up that I wanted to watch. Does anyone else watch daily vlogs as their guilty pleasure? Fleur De Force has been vlogging every day in February and i’m addicted. I’ve also slowly been watching my beautiful Valentine’s Day gift from my mom disappear. Can’t. Stop. Eating.



Still reading Night Road by Kristin Hannah. I’m almost done and I am so happy with this book! I cannot wait to read more from her. She’s a wonderful writer. I go back and forth a lot between reading young adult novels and regular novels, and I have to say, I do like them both equally but… there’s something about reading a novel about adults instead of teenagers that i’m starting to relate to a lot more. Sigh. I’m really starting to realize that i’m an adult now.



To stop being dizzy. As I mentioned earlier, I am not feeling so hot. A kid at work today had on cologne that was making me feel incredibly sick. The scent was everywhere and it was making me feel dizzy. I normally don’t have that strong of a reaction to colognes or perfumes but I could not handle this one. Of course the kid couldn’t remember what cologne he put on for the day so here’s hoping he doesn’t keep wearing it. I’ve been dizzy ever since. As soon as i’m done with this i’m passing out for the night.


I realllllly need to vacuum my room. It’s not dirty or gross or anything, it’s actually covered in fuzzies. I wear fuzzy socks all the time and they keep shedding on the rug because everything static clings to it. That reminds me, I need to buy more static spray and keep it at work for when my pants glue themselves to my legs becacuse of the knee high socks I wear. Guess I “need” to go to Target now :-]


This week I failed to get my Fancy Friday post up. I have never failed to get a post up when I wanted to and i’m a bit bummed about it. I’m really liking Fancy Friday but I don’t think I’m going to continue it much longer. I don’t want to have more than one fashion post a week, at least not yet. I follow some bloggers that do a Wednesday fashion linkup that I want to join but that would mean stopping Fancy Friday for now. A benefit to doing Wednesday fashion posts is that Wednesday’s are my day off from work so i’m usually a lot more creative with my outfits than I would be on a work day. HELLOOOOO jeans and leggings. Plus, joining a linkup gets me introduced to so many other bloggers. So, stay tuned, you might have a random fashion post this Wednesday that looks a bit like a Fancy Friday (I’ve got a few outfits already photographed).


I was so good at finishing my to do lists this week. I have no idea where my burst of energy came from but I got everything done that I had planned for the week. (Except, my Fancy Friday post but that’s because Paint Nite kept me out a bit later than I expected.) I got a ton of stuff set up for my trip and i’m finalizing what I want to do the first two days i’m in London because my tour doesn’t start until the evening of my 3rd day. Let me know if you have any tips!

Thankful For

Heat. Scarves. Friends. Nice coworkers who start my car. The fact that Spring is happening in London.


(It gives me hope that NY will warm up soon)

If you’re in need of some inspiration today remember….


Hope ya’ll enjoy the rest of your weekend!


♥ Leanna

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