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2015 Christmas Cards! 2

It’s that time of year again! Time to spread Christmas cheer with Christmas cards for all of your friends and loved ones. You can read about my thoughts on Christmas cards from last year here. But, because i’m down in South Carolina I was going to send basically everyone I knew Christmas cards this year and I found the perfect ones at TjMaxx and Homegoods.
This first one might be my favorite but they only had one box left so I couldn’t buy more than one set. I love the laser cut details and the blue sponged affect is so beautiful.
2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
These next two cards I could not chose between so, I bought both. I love the traditional red and green of this card, and again, I love the laser cut detailing. It adds so much texture to an otherwise boring card.
christmascards42015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
These cards came with washi tape so I really couldn’t resist. The detailing is the least exciting of the 3 cards but I love the paper this is on. Plus, who doesn’t love polka dots?
2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
Now that i’m moving back home I pretty much just wrote, SEE YOU SOON in all of my cards haha.
And, I even tucked a little something extra in some of the cards. Starbucks hot chocolate packets!! Who wouldn’t want some of those? The peppermint is my favorite. 
2015 Christmas Cards // Being Leanna
Question: Do you do Christmas cards?
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Weekly Recap: December 11th 1


Woo hoo! Bringing back my weekly recaps. Here are my top 5 things from this past week. Let me know in the comments what yours are!

1. Holiday adventures! There’s a place down here called Brookgreen Gardens and they have an event called Night of 1,000 Candles every Christmas season and they light up the gardens! I went last night and it was BEAUTIFUL. Check out a picture or two over on my Instagram and i’ll definitely be posting some pictures on the blog next week!
2. Christmas movies. I have been watching the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies like it’s my job. They’re all so over the top but I love them anyways. Does anyone else have this obsession or is it just me? 
3. DIY bottle brush Christmas trees. I always love the look of these and they are so darn expensive! Thanks to Anne over at Love The Here And Now I can now DIY them and make whatever colors I want!
4. The weather! This is the number one thing i’m going to miss about South Carolina. It has been getting warmer and warmer every day and It’s going to be in the 70s this weekend. Granted, that’s really warm for this time of year, but still. I am not complaining about wearing tshirts in December. 


cookies5. Butter cookies. I made my family’s famous butter cookies (with my own take) this week and they were a huge hit at work! I love baking in general but baking at Christmas time is so much better. Who doesn’t want to eat a Christmas tree?
What are your 5 favorite things from this past week?
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What A Grand Adventure 6

Grand Adventure// Being LeannaAfter just four short months in South Carolina I’ve decided to move back home to a chilly New York. First and formost i’m moving back to be with my family and friends. After it settled in that I wouldn’t be able to go home for Christmas I got really depressed. You see, i’ve never spent Christmas away from my family. I didn’t think that I’d miss my family as much as I do and i’m more than willing do deal with the freezing New York winters to be with them. (Also, I now can’t get ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ out of my head.)
The second reason i’m moving home is money. I have had to work two jobs just to get by down here and it’s really killing my vibe. Unfortunately, the town I moved to is more of a vacation spot than anything and there isn’t a great infrastructure for anything other than tourism. I was so caught up in the excitement that I didn’t think long term. So, i’m moving home where i’ll be with my family and making more money. I won’t need a second job to pay my bills and i’ll actually be able to save for vacations I want to take in the future. It’s a win-win.
I’m so glad that I made the leap and tried moving but I learned that being that far away from home isn’t good for me. At least not now. I’d rather spend my time vacationing different places than living in a vacation town.
Ya live and learn!
Oh, and if you somehow missed it, I moved from Albany, NY to Myrtle Beach, SC in August :-]
Grand Adventure// Being Leanna
Photo Courtesy of my friend Ben
Question: Have you moved away from home? How did it turn out for you?
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Pores No More!

Pores No More// Being LeannaAbout a month ago I received one of the coolest products ever in my mailbox. I had won Christine’s StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner giveaway and was so thrilled to try it out.  Before we get into the (spoiler alert) Amazing review of this product let’s just take a minute to talk about Christine over at Simply Stine.

If you don’t know who she is and you love makeup you need to head over to her blog right now. I have gotten so many great products based on her recommendations as she gives fantastic reviews. Christine is extremely honest and ranks products based on a plethora of different features. She never gives something a “it’s great go buy it now, here are affiliate links!”. She always gives a detailed review and is honest when there is something she didn’t like about a product or if it didn’t work out for her. That my friends is how you review a product. Now, back to me who is still working on my product reviews haha.

Pores No More // Being LeannaSo, I’ve had the StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner (phew that’s a mouthful!) for just over three weeks now and I have used it morning and night right after my moisturizer. In the mornings this makes for a great primer for my makeup as it mattifies my skin without making it appear dry which makes it a wonderful base for my foundation. I don’t use this all over my skin, in fact, I only use it on my cheeks and forehead where I have enlarged pores just to see if it has been changing my skin at all.

Yup, in just three weeks i’ve definitely noticed that my skin has been more smooth. I’ve also noticed that when i’ve got this on my pores are definitely smaller in appearance. I can’t say for sure if they’re actually getting smaller but they are wayyyy less noticeable with this on than when I wear my beloved Porefessional by Benefit. And I’ve raved about that stuff for years.

If you’re willing to spend the money on the StriVectin (it runs about $100) then it is for sure worth it. I know it costs a lot, but, for visible improvements in just three weeks? I’d say it’s worth the money. However, if $100 is way over your budget (I will be repurchasing this once i’m done but I did receive my original bottle for free) and you have enlarged pores the Benefit Porefessional (at $31) is for you. 

Question: Have any of you tried this out or used any other products from StriVectin? What are your thoughts?

*none of the links above are Affiliate links but I did want to menntion that right now Macy’s has a free 3 piece gift set with purchase of any StriVectin purchase over $89. 

**Also, I used to work at Marshalls and we always had StriVectin products so head there and see what you can find!

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Winter Outfit Inspiration 1

Hey everyone!

Although it feels nothing like winter here in South Carolina i’m still really into fall/winter clothing and I wanted to share some great outfits to wear when the weather gets cold! I love searching Pinterest and various fashion websites for inspiration so I thought i’d post some of my own favorite winter outfits to hopefully inspire some of you!

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

top // skirt // tights

I call this winter work wear. Clearly a short sleeve top might not be the best for your office but where I work it’s either -45 degrees or 800 so a short sleeve top is great some days. Paired with a classy black pencil skirt and chevron patterned tights and you’ve got a perfect winter-y warm outfit for work. 

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

skirt // shirt (similar) // sweater 

This next work outfit is a little bit more suitable for cold weather assuming you wear tights (can’t believe I didn’t add them to the picture). The cropped sweater is a nice touch so you can see more of the star pattern on the button up. You could tuck in the shirt and show off the cool detailing on the skirt or leave it out for a more casual look.

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

sweater // necklace // pants (similar)

This third outfit is quite possibly my favorite. I just love colored pants. These pants are so comfortable because they’ve got a bit of stretch and they’re pretty cool (in my opinion) because of the zippers and pocket details. Paired with a loose sweater you definitely have a comfy casual outfit with a lot of style. 

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

Leggings // top // sweater

I obviously had to include my favorite leggings somewhere in this post and I only thought it appropriate to pair them with the trendiest pieces. A cropped sweater (because there ain’t no way i’m letting my midriff show in the cold winter) with a button up plaid shirt that’s long enough to cover my bum. Plaid is always perfect for fall and cranberry is THE color this winter season so why not wear a plaid cranberry (with purple, black and white) top with a crop top and just wear all the trends!

Winter Outfit Inspiration// Being Leanna

tights // dress

Flannel is so incredibly soft and cozy that I obviously had to pick up a flannel dress. The material is so great for a dress because it has such a nice structure and it’ll keep you toasty warm. Paired with tights and some ankle boots you can go out to dinner or even a Christmas party! The tie around the waist really makes this dress even better because it gives you shape (flannel can be pretty stiff)  and adds a little extra flair. You could even replace the tie with a pretty black belt!

Hope you all enjoyed my outfit inspirations, let me know what one is your favorite in the comments below!!

*No affiliate links are used and all pieces were purchased myself.

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