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In case you live under a rock 2015 has ended. It’s now 2016 and time to start on those resolutions!! But, before we go head first into 2016 I wanted to pause and take a minute to reflect on 2015. As i’m sure everyone has either posted their own on Instagram or at least seen about 4839327 of these in their Instagram feed I thought it necessary to bombard you with just one more. Yup, another Best 9 photo collage. You’re welcome. Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna

Actually, I just wanted to share this because I found it so funny that the majority of my most liked pictures were Christmas themed. Looking back on my last year I would have never thought these would be my most popular posts. Looks like I’ve got a goal of taking better Instagram photos for 2016.

 Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna

In all fairness, this might actually be my favorite Instagram picture. This tree was MASSIVE. Do you see how tiny those people on the bottom left look? I had so much fun that night, it’s truly a night I will always remember. I moved back to New York just two days later! 

Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna

Baby snowflake lights for the win. These battery operated snowflake lights were one of the best Christmas purchases I made. They look adorable!

Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna


A classic Throwback Thursday post to Christmas a few years ago when I got my brother the coolest onesie pajamas ever. Yes, we both still sleep over at my moms house to wake up there on Christmas morning. It’s a tradition we have yet to break.

Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna

4 out of 9 of my most liked post this year are Christmas themed. 4. That makes sense though, I really do love Christmas and I was trying to participate in not one but two Instagram “challenges” I don’t know what you call them. The Bloggers Get Social daily posts are my favorite to participate in. Blog groups have a theme for each day and you post a picture for that theme. They’re GREAT. So much fun and I always find so many new people to follow and so many more hashtags to use!


Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna

One of the most cotton candy looking sunsets I’ve seen and it was on my long drive back to New York. It gave me quite the welcome! Nothing can take your breath away quite like a glorious sunset.

Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna


And these two? Man, who doesn’t love pictures of the sky. I like about 10 of them a day. No joke. Sunrises, sunsets, mid day, I don’t care. Just show me the beautiful sun and it’s basically guaranteed i’ll follow your account. 

Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna


Totally a random picture but I am oh so happy this made my most liked photos of 2015. It should be the number one liked picture of 2015 if i’m being honest. Why? Because apple cider donuts are one of my favorite foods. In fact, i’ll go so far as to say that they are my favorite seasonal food. Take that Christmas cookies. If you’ve never had an apple cider donut, you are gravely missing out. I had my parents bring some down with them when they visited in October because nothing beats a New York apple cider donut.


Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna Instagram Best 9 // Being Leanna


And for some reason my last two posts were of my Paris Starbucks mug. That means my London mug is going to be very jealous. Let’s not tell it, shal we? Also, ya’ll are clearly a fan of coffee pictures. Which, should really be no surprise because who isn’t a fan of coffee pictures? We all double tap on those fancy Starbucks mug holding pictures and i’m sure if your explore feed looks anything like mine it’s a mix of sunsets, coffee and celebrity selfies. 

What are some of your favorite Instagram pics from this year?

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Thanks For Reading // Being Leanna

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