18 Hours in Vienna, Austria: A Guide 2

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna

I am thrilled to be starting my vacation recaps with Vienna Austria! This time around instead of just recapping what I did while I was there I thought i’d treat it sort of like a guide! So here we go! What you should do, see and eat in Vienna, Austria if you’ve only got a day to spend in town.


Vienna, Austria

Language: German

Currency: Euro

Transportation: Very efficient and easy to navigate

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna

*For size reference look at the guy in the blue shirt on the right by the railing*


A & T  Holiday Hostel/ Leibnizgasse 66, 1100 Vienna

This was my first hostel experience and I must say, this place set the bar pretty high. I was in a quad room with three other girls from my trip and there was plenty of room for all of us and our things. The lockers were large but because we all were part of the same group we didn’t lock anything up. The sheets provided were great, the comforter was actually a bit too heavy for the weather but it was really nice to have comfy sheets to sleep in after a long day. The best part? The bathroom! I had the idea in my head that hostile bathrooms were crappy (no pun intended) and small. This was neither. The shower was huge and there was so much space for makeup and shower stuff. All 4 of us had our items spread out and had plenty of room. 

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna


I arrived at the airport and managed to get to my hostile without too much of a hassle. I’ll call that a win for not speaking any German. If you’re arriving at the airport my only tip to you is to not bother spending your money on the express train. It’s a few euros cheaper for the regular train and it’s still a quick ride to the main terminal. From the central station it was just a quick 10 min bus ride (that could have easily been walked) to my hostile. 

From the hostile It was a couple minute walk to the subway station which was incredibly easy to navigate. The lines are all colored which is incredibly helpful. Just buy a pass at a ticket station and validate it in an orange box just after entering the station. Now, i’m not saying to break the rules but I had no idea how this validation thing worked, i’d never done it before so I never validated my ticket. I rode all day on one subway ticket and nobody ever checked. 

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna


I was so hungry when I first arrived that I basically made it my mission to get a Vienna sausage or frankfurter. When in Vienna, right? Well, when going for a wander I came across this food truck Kimbo Dogs and I was not disappointed. This was the best hot dog I have ever had, and you’ll find that throughout these guides i’m going to say “it was the best ___ I ever had” a lot. 

I wish I had paid a bit more attention to the name of the restaurant we went too but i didn’t. I’m going to blame jet lag. After doing some research I think frittatensuppe is the name of the amazing soup we had. It was beef broth with strips of pancake in it. And I am a HUGE pancake lover. Trust me, try it before you judge it. 

Another one of my favorites? This may be silly but Manner wafers. SO GOOD. And way better than the Keebler version we get back home. I loved them so much that i’ve since bought a 12 pack on Amazon. So worth it. 

Now, this I didn’t get to try because I was too crunched for time ( I arrived at my hostile around 1pm and we left Vienna at 7:30 the next morning) but it is THE thing to try if you’re in Vienna. Everyone must go to Demel & Sacher and try the famous Sacher torte (You’re on vacation, calories don’t count, go to both). Especially do not miss this if you’re a fan of chocolate. 

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna

Things to do:

Schloss Schonbrunn– a definite must see on any trip to Vienna, but especially if you’ve just got a few hours like I did. There is so much to explore and see and you can really customize the trip for yourself. The palace was built from 1696-1712 and served as a summer home for the Hapsburgs, the royals of Austria. While I didn’t take the guided tour of the inside I wish I had because I really missed out on some cool history. Anyways, the palace was inspired by Versailles and you can definitely tell. The gardens are fantastic and that’s how I chose to spend my afternoon. Wandering the gardens and hedge maze. They even have a zoo on the premises! 

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna

Museums Quarter– This place was sooooo cool. It is exactly what it sounds like, a huge quarter of museums. There are 60 different art institutions as well as restaurants, food trucks (where I got my Kimbo dog) and street performers. The day I was in town there was even a little craft fair/farmers market. You could easily spend all day here popping in and out of various museums or just people watching in the center of the square.

18 Hours in Vienna, Austria A Guide// Being Leanna

My little tidbits:

//Fun fact: smoking indoors is allowed here! I was taken way aback by this so I thought i’d warn others!

//Do not let jet lag slow you down!! I didn’t change my shoes after my flight (anybody else’s feet swell like crazy on planes?) and I was miserable the whole day. 

//Go to Prater park, you will regret it if you don’t. I let my jet lag get the best of me and headed to bed instead of to the park with the rest of my group. I wanted to go here so bad so don’t make the same mistake I did!

//If you have more free time, go shopping! Austria is the home of Schnapps (or just incredibly popular) and the home of Swarovski so if you need souvenirs, get them here!


And there we have it! A 24 hour guide to Vienna, Austria!

Question: Have you been to Vienna, Austria? What were some of your favorite parts? or What makes you want to go to Vienna if you’ve never been?

Thanks For Reading// Being Leanna

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