10 Things I’m Thankful For – 2 Year Blogiversary! 15

10 Things I'm Thankful For // Being Leanna

Happy Blogiversary to Being Leanna! And Happy pre-Thanksgiving everyone! 

Wow, I can hardly believe its been two years since I started this little online journal of mine (it’s official on the 26th). You guys have been through all of my ups and downs these past couple years and i’m not sure where i’d be without you all. I’ve made some great friends through blogging and i’m so grateful for those relationships. Here’s my first post (so embarrassing!) and my 1 year Blogiversary post.

In keeping with the grateful theme i’m sharing 5 things that i’m thankful for as my blog turns 2! 

10 Things I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

// Friends and family

As always my little tribe of people are amazing. Not all of my friends really understand how much work goes into blogging but they all respect what I do as a hobby and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside even if they don’t read it. Shout out to those that are reading this :-]

// PicMonkey

I use PicMonkey for almost every single picture that you all have seen on here the past 2 years. I love it. The editing features are so easy to use and there are so many design options! I personally pay for the Royale membership but you can certainly do without. My favorite part is how easily it works with Google Drive and I can open PicMonkey right from there. Easy Peasy.

// Blog friends

Since I’ve started blogging I’ve made so many connections with people. There are a few that I’ve become pretty close with and talk to regularly and it makes me so happy. 

// Snow boots

I have to wait for a bus at work and it gets pretty snowy up here in NY. Unfortunately, I’ve already needed to use them and they were fantastic! Nothing beats a cozy boot on a frigid day. I picked them up at the Bass outlet a few weeks ago and i’m obsessed. I like them better than the OG Bean Boot. 

// Blog Courses

I’m always trying to better my blog (as i’m sure all of you are, too!) and i’ve been trying to do as much as I can to make it great. I signed up for one of Helene’s courses FOREVER ago and only recently made a point to give it the ole college try and i’m loving it. Let me know what your favorite blog courses are!

// Amazon Prime

I’m about a bazillion years behind on the bandwagon but i’m hooked. I got the free 30 day trial recently (for some sneaky Christmas shopping) and it’s been great. The yearly price tag had me skeptical but I’m already hooked and I totally think the service is worth the money. Are you guys prime people? 

// My health

I mean, i’m healthy and that’s all I can really ask for. No colds so far this season. Minimal migraines all year and nothing else going on. I am forever thankful for my health. Now, if only I could take it a step further and get back into a workout routine.

// My money management skills

I have been able to treat myself to not just one but two vacations this year while still saving up for a house.I went to 5 European countries and Texas all while sticking to my budget. I even got to go on a long weekend trip to New Hampshire to be in one of my best friends’ wedding. Luckily for me I worked at a credit union for years and learned some great ways to budget my money. Everyone needs money management as a skill.

// Curling wands

I’ve been curling my hair lately and getting so many compliments. I used to be horrible at curling my hair until I got a wand. It’s so much easier to use and it works just as well as a curling iron. Plus, it makes my fine hair look like there’s a bit more volume to it which alone makes them worthwhile. Currently, I’ve got a NuMe brand wand but i’m looking for a new one. Suggestions would be fantastic.

// Notebooks

I am never without a notebook. I write down lists all day everyday and idk what i’d do without a notepad by my side. The notes app on my phone is my least used app, I hate it. Why? No idea. I think I just like physically writing my thoughts out. Plus, it’s satisfying to cross something off of a to-do list, is it not? I’ve been sitting on a coupon for Rifle Paper Co and i’m dying to use it for some holiday stationary. 

Now tell me, what are you all thankful for this Thanksgiving? 


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