10 Quick Packing Tips 4

I have moved a lot of times in my life. So many that I’ve lost count. Between moving into various dorm rooms and houses and apartments i’ve become pretty good at packing efficiently so i’m here today to give you my tips! 5 Packing Tips// Being Leanna1. Buy all the space bags. These things are such lifesavers. I’ve used them every time i’ve moved and haven’t ever had any issues with them. They really save so much space it’s crazy. For my move down south I really needed every inch I could  get because I packed everything up in my car (I wish I had remembered to take pictures).

2. For whatever clothes you need in your overnight bag, roll em on up. Really tightly. You can fit so much in a carry on bag if you just roll everything up. Trust me5 Packing Tips// Being Leanna3. Get some plastic bins. Trust me, they work way better than cardboard boxes. They’re more sturdy, and you can use them for storage in your new place. As you can see my method is literally, shove everything in there that will fit. None of this was breakable so it was easy to sort of puzzle everything in there to make it all fit. Incredibly heavy, but the plastic could take it where a cardboard box would not have.

4. For all of my kitchen stuff (I didn’t have to bring much as my place was fully furnished) I used paper plates and napkins to put inbetween plates, cups and bowls. They keep the glass from smashing together and cracking but they’re super thin so it takes up less space than wrapping everything in newspaper.5 Packing Tips// Being Leanna5. Plastic drawers. I’ve used these ever since college to store my bras, underwear and socks, but it also works pretty well as a bedside table if you need one. Win. Win. I shoved these full with everything I could. The bottom drawer was the perfect size for hair/makeup/skincare products. The Middle drawer fit most of my shoes and sandals and the top drawer got shoved full with all my necessities. They were tiny enough to fit in the trunk of my car and because they’re plastic they were much more durable than cardboard.

6. Get some clingwrap and put it over the lid of any of your liquids and then replace the cap. Extra spill prevention.5 Packing Tips// Being Leanna7. Travel makeup bag. These are perfect for not only travel sized shower and makeup products, but for little items you don’t want to get lost or broken during your travels. I put a bunch of little craft items in the bottom pouch. And, if you need to stay overnight somewhere during your move this is easy to keep separate from the rest of your belongings for easy access.

8. Roll up your necklaces in paper towels and create one big roll. Everything stays neat and untangled. Plus, this makeup bag is the perfect place to store them once they’re rolled up.5 Packing Tips// Being Leanna9. Get a bag for your electronics. Trust me, this will be a life saver. You want all your cords and chargers all in one place, especially for a road trip when you’re using GPS. You’ll want your pone charger on hand at all times to prevent getting lost. And, one of those backup batteries is perfect for “just in case” moments.

10. Use those millions of hair ties you have lying around to keep your cords in order.

Hope some of these were useful!

5 Packing Tips// Being Leanna


♥ Leanna