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Hello Everyone!

I am a big fan of lists. To-Do lists, lists of books to read, lists of product recommendations, grocery lists. You name it, I’ve written it. Today i’m here with a list of popular things that I just do. not. like. Comment below with the popular things you don’t like; or to let me know i’m the only one that dislikes these things.

1. Oranges

Orange juice. Orange flavored anything, for that matter, blech. I have no idea why I have such an aversion to oranges, but I do. I can barely stand the smell, and the texture of the fruit makes me want to gag. I know how good oranges are for you and how wonderful of a source of vitamin C they are but I cannot stomach these. Doesn’t matter if they’re itty bitty tangerines or huge blood oranges, I can’t do it. Grapefruits either. Am I the only one?

2. Bracelets

I love how they look but, I just cannot wear them. I don’t like having them around my wrist at all, which is strange because I wear a watch…. I know, super weird. Bangles are too distracting, charm bracelets seem too expensive (sorry, Pandora), and cuffs are just too clunky for me. I’ll stick with my watches.

3. Crop tops

Maybe it’s just the prude in me but, I like my belly to be covered up at all times. I’m that girl that’s always buying the extra long tank tops and t-shirts but i’ll still pull them down constantly. The only way you’d get me in a crop top is if i could wear it tucked into a skirt or some high waisted shorts. Ain’t no way i’m showing my tummy out and about unless, i’m in a bathing suit. Even those I don’t particularly like wearing.

4. Pie

I know, I know, it’s Un-American to dislike pie but, I do. The filling of a pie grosses me out. The consistency is weird for me. I love pie crust (chicken pot pie is my favorite food) but fruit and pudding filled pies I cannot handle. Sorry, more pie for you all!

5. Filling in eyebrows

Now, I can see why this is a thing, I really can. But it’s just not MY thing. I have very fair skin and very fair eyebrows so anything that gets done to them seems overly dramatic. There is no subtle way to do my eyebrows so if they bother you, please stop looking at them. Also, when did filling in your eyebrows become a thing? I’ve watched beauty gurus on YouTube for years and I feel like this is recent.

6. Snapchat

Guys, I really tried to like this one. I had an account on and off for a while and I could not grow to like it. If I have a picture I want to share it goes on Instagram. I see no point in sending a goofy picture of myself with a caption when I could just do that in a text. Yeah, the picture disappears in however many seconds but if you’re really that embarrassed of the face you’re making maybe don’t take the picture at all. Just my thoughts. Clearly i’m in the minority. Everyone I know seems to have Snapchat. Please explain to me why everyone loves it so much.

7. Soda

I’ll drink a soda every once in a while but I really don’t care for the flavor (I think my last soda was in August). It would literally take me a day to drink one 12oz bottle of soda. I don’t like the carbonation and they’re too sweet. As a kid I loved the sugary flavor of Coke but it’s way too sweet for me now.

8. Reality TV

I do not like drama. I especially don’t like drama that isn’t my own, therefore I do not watch reality television. My college roommates were obsessed with 16 and Pregnant but I have such a hard time watching a train wreck in slow motion. I’d much rather watch a drama that I know isn’t someone’s real life. To each their own!

9. Sloths

I’m not sure when the sloth obsession started but I am not on board. Have you ever seen a video of one? They move very strangely to me. The way their necks bob and move so slow freaks me out for some reason. Please, judge me all you want, I know it’s strange.

10. Yoga

I know, i’m the worst. Yoga is amazing and relaxing while still being a great workout and I just cannot get into it. I’ve tried to do multiple videos and I agree that it is a good workout and it’s great for flexibility, but i’d rather go lift some weights or stretch on my own. #sorrynotsorry

And now, so you don’t think i’m a super pessimist that hates everything, here’s a quick list of 10 popular things I DO like.

1. Kittens

2. Cupcakes

3. Leggings

4. Birchbox

5. Instagram

6. House of Cards

7. Selfies

8. Kale

9. Lists

10. Smoothies


♥ Leanna

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  • Kittens and cupcakes. Lol! So wait, you don’t even like mimosas? You could do 3/4 champagne and 1/4 OJ? I’m just kidding! I don’t like yoga or cake – although I do like most pies. You list makes you YOU 🙂

    • champagne and mango juice 🙂 try it sometime. You’ll never go back to oj haha. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one on the planet that dislikes yoga!

  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    hahaha I laughed at the kittens and cupcakes. Yes! I also have issues wearing bracelets. I fidget with them constantly if I do wear them. And I HATE crop tops!! So much! I have a long torso as it is so I would really be showing some skin if I tried that one. lol I also really hate reality tv…they all drive me nuts. I think the only one I made it through was Best Ink…it was a show to find the best tattoo artist. haha

    • I’m so glad we agree on so much! I used to be obsessed with Miami Ink so maybe I could stand Best Ink… I love seeing all sorts of different tattoos. Very interesting to me.
      And as for the cupcakes and kittens, They had to be the first two because they are my favorites haha. Even if you hate cats you can’t deny their cuteness.

      • Julie @ Artwork by JM

        I completely agree! I love cats. This is the first time in my whole life that I didn’t own a pet. I always had a cat or rat, guinea pig, etc. lol! I’m a big animal lover. We are just waiting until our little one gets a little older

        • That’s a good idea. I imagine it’s a bit hard to explain the concept of a pet to a two year old. I can’t wait to get my own place so I can have a cat again!

  • I do not get the filled in eyebrows! It is so big here. But House of Cards, I love that show too!

    • I cannot understand it either. It makes them look so prominent no matter what! I’ve just started HOC season 2 and my jaw is already on the floor. Can’t wait to see more. Are you all caught up?

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