August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! 8 comments

August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say that I loved fall back before it was cool. Ever since I was a kid i’ve loved fall. Apple picking, chicken pot pie, crunchy leaves and sweaters are just some of my favorite things about fall and I cannot wait for that all to happen. But, I love summer too! The endless sunny skies, the hot weather, the bright colors. So, to celebrate the transition from summer into fall i’m sharing my favorite things that I discovered in August because I needed to throw in just 1 more summer post before I join everyone else in the blogger world and switch it on over to fall.

Here we go!

August Favorites:

August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

A Week At The Lake- Wendy Wax

Who doesn’t love a book that takes place near where they live? Lake George is one of my favorite places in the world and this is exactly where this book is set. A week at the lake is a beautiful story about three women’s friendships, through their ups and downs and everything in between. Each woman has their own struggle and it’s cool getting to hear things from their perspectives. The drama of the book was fairly predictable but it made for a great beach read. Easy to digest and perfect for the summertime! Plus, I just mailed it off to a friend in Seattle for a book swap, making it even more fun. 😀

The Luxe Life- Fleur De Force

If you’re a fan of YouTube at all, you’ve probably heard of this famous personality. I’ve followed Fleur’s channel for years and years and was ecstatic to hear she was coming out with another book. She includes fashion, makeup, home decor and hosting tips and i’m obsessed. I dream of a day where i’ve got my own place and I can host friends or family. I’m not the most social person but I love the idea of entertaining. Do you guys follow Fleur on YouTube? If not, you totally should. She’s one of the most genuine seeming YouTubers I’ve seen.


August Favorites- Celebrating the end of Summer! // Being Leanna

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep- Lavender Chamomile pillow mist

I have not been sleeping well lately. At all. I’m not sure if i’ve got a lot on my mind or if it’s something else, but either way this pillow mist is starting to help. At least, I think it is. I’ve had this stuff for years and I always use it before bed when i’m not tired. The lavender is such a relaxing scent that I do feel like it actually helps to make me sleepy. I’m not all into essential oils but this spray has been my go-to for years. 

Davroe Hair Wellness- Ends Repair Leave In Treatment

Let me just start by saying that this smells incredible. Oh, and it actually works super well too! My ends have been incredibly dry lately and this has helped to moisturize without weighting my hair down, and it tames my fly-aways. I use about a pea to a dime sized amount and run it through the ends of my hair while it’s still damp from the shower and then go about my normal hair routine. 

Tarte- Double Duty Beauty Palette

I’m just starting to get into eyeshadow (no clue what’s taken me so long) and I grabbed this palette from the Tarte Friends and Family sale a while back. Needless to say i’ve been obsessed ever since. You can read more about this palette in my whole post about Tarte products I love

Copper Measuring Cups

I couldn’t not include these adorable things. Copper is so trendy right now and they were on sale at Michaels so I had to grab them, right? They’re going to look so adorable in pictures when I start baking again. I tend to do a lot more baking in the fall so now i’ve got some nice measuring cups so i’ll actually want to take pictures and post some recipes on here! Let me know if you’ve got any fall baking recommendations in the comments!

DKNY Be Delicious- In Bloom

I have had this forever and I recently rediscovered it. The fresh scent is perfect for summertime and I wanted to include it because it’s $13.99 on Amazon. Guess it’s been discontinued haha. The scent is very apple-y but also floral which is just lovely. I started using this again because I really need to pare down my perfume collection because i’ve told myself that I can’t use my new bottle of my favorite perfume until another is gone. I’m trying to be less of a fragrance hoarder. What’s your favorite scent?

Aromatica- Rose Absolute First Serum

Aka the best toner ever. I got this right in the beginning of August but, i’ve already completely stopped using my 2 other toners. This moisturizes my skin instead of drying it out like a lot of toners and it smells incredible. It’s like i’ve planted a rose under my nose. I have a lot of skin redness and this combats this amazingly well. Stay tuned and i’ll be writing a full review on this baby and the other products I recently got from Peach & Lily soon.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Thing

I have no idea what you’re supposed to call this thing but it’s amazing at cleaning my brushes. Before I’d just swirl them around in my hand and and that was that. I also used to be horrible about washing my brushes. Helllooooo germs. Now that i’ve got this fancy doo-hicky I wash them once a week (is that enough?). The best part? If you search on Amazon this thing is about $1-2. No joke. 

Last, but certainly not least!

Amika- Nourishing Mask

This is another product I got in my August Birchbox that really knocked it out of the park. I’ve tried other Amika products and loved them as well. The scent is lovely but it’s the performance that really wows. I mentioned earlier that my hair has been pretty dry on the ends lately and this has helped tremendously. I’ve had enough in the sample to use it once a week for the past 3 weeks. I suggest putting this in your hair (I avoid my roots), brushing your teeth and then hopping in the shower to rinse off and then washing and conditioning as normal. Wham, bam, healthy hair again!

Question of the day: What have your favorite things been in August? 

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When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! 22 comments

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna


When in Rome, you do as the Romans do, by calling it Roma. Okay, cool, now that we’ve got that out of the way lets get into this Roma recap, shal we? I spent about two and a half days in Roma and I have got a TON of things to share with you, grab an espresso- this is a long one– and join me! 

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Roma, Italy:

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Weather: Hot in the summer, warm in the spring & fall (rainy in fall), cool, but comfortable in the winter.



// It is very easy to get around Roma. Although the city is very large, it is easily walk-able. Plus, you can always grab a bus, a cab or the metro to get back to where you started. A word of caution though, there are many illegal cabs so be sure to get a legal one so you don’t get ripped off! Legal cabs are all white, have a light on the top that says taxi and has the cab’s licence number on the doors. Or, you could just Uber it. 

I got around the city by walking and riding the metro. As long as you know what stop you’re getting off at you’ll have no issues. Plus, I was solo a lot and rode the metro very early in the morning (6am!) with my luggage and didn’t have any trouble, and I had the same experience at night. 

If you’re traveling into the city by plane, chances are you’re coming into the Leonardo da Vinci Airport (FCO) which is just a short 20-30 min train ride away. The main metro station is Termini and that’ll get you literally everywhere in Rome, and it’s the stop that the train station from the airport brings you right into!

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna


The Yellow

Yellow Square, Via Palestro 51

Rome, Italy 00185

// If you’re looking to stay in a hostel, I highly suggest this one. I only spent one night but, the bed was the most comfortable out of all the hostels we stayed in. The bathroom in my particular room was honestly the worst of all the bathrooms on my trip, but I visited some of the other girls rooms and their bathrooms were way better. The bathroom wasn’t bad, it was just tiny. Like, I could touch all 4 walls at once tiny.

What will really sell this place for ya is the breakfast. Deeelicious. If you’ve read my other recaps you know I hated the breakfasts basically everywhere. In addition to the amazing breakfast, there is a bar in the hostile. Like, a good bar. And for all you fellow New Yorkers out there, they have Brooklyn Brewery beer on tap. I was one happy lady. 

The Yellow is only about a 5 minute walk to the Termini station making it super central. 

Hotel Aurelius 

Via Aurelia 458

Rome, Italy 00165

// I couldn’t give this place a more positive review. When I go back to Roma I will be staying here again for sure. It was inexpensive and I got treated like royalty! The whole place is stunning, just go look at the pictures. The only downside is that it’s a litttttle bit outside of the main section of the city. There a metro station just around the corner (right next to an amazing gelato place) though. I stayed here for 2 nights and loved everything, especially the beautifully tiled bathrooms. It was heaven. The woman at the front desk was endlessly helpful. She printed out all the tickets I needed, helped me figure out the best way to get to the airport. This woman even snagged me a super early breakfast because I had to check out at 6am and they didn’t start serving 7. I highly, highly recommend. 

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna


// Now, it wouldn’t be a Leanna recap if I didn’t say that I should have paid more attention to where we ate on this trip would it? Luckily, the included dinner we got wasn’t the best food I had whilst in Roma. It was amazing and I could tell you the neighborhood it was in. Do I at least get points for trying to find it on Google for at least an hour? No? Didn’t think so. Anyways…. 

Just look at that pizza above. It doesn’t matter where you get pizza in Roma, as long as you get it. And lots of it. Actually, scratch that. It does matter where you go. Don’t go anywhere right near the tourist attractions. They’re expensive and not worth it. If a waiter has to harass you to get you to sit down, avoid it. Also, always, always double check your bill. If you eat somewhere touristy they will often charge you more, I’ve heard so many bad experiences with this. Trust me, find somewhere wayyyy away from the big destinations, or use the staff your hotel/hostel for recommendations. 

I was wandering aimlessly trying to find a metro station when I saw an outdoor cafe that was super packed and off of a main street. I sat down, got a glass of wine and stuffed my face with this whole pizza. No shame. No expensive bill. And, I got to practice my Italian with the waiter. 

Okay, now ignore everything I just said and eat here:

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Angelino ai Fori

Largo Corrado Ricci 40/ Via dei Fori Imperiali 25

Rome, Italy 00184

// I know, I know. It’s right smack in the middle of touristy stuff. With the Coliseum up the road and the Roman Forum and the Victor Emmanuel Monument right across the way but I swear, the food was great. And, the outdoor seating was amazing. It was like eating in a secret garden. The staff was fantastic and the bill wasn’t any more than I would expect to pay for the food I received. I had the best risotto of my life there. And their aperol spritz wasn’t half bad either.

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Now that you’re sufficiently stuffed with food, it’s time to go find some Gelato! No specific recommendations for you other than to stop everywhere and try everything to see which one you prefer. I had gelato every day I was in Italy and even managed to grab some at the airport before I left the country. Try multiple flavors every visit as well. Pistachio and coffee together was probably my favorite combination. Just sayin’.

What to do:

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna


// This was built in 27BC. That’s right, I said B. C. Holy moly that’s old! Originally built as a temple for pagan gods, it then became a Catholic church. Now it’s just an amazing building/tomb for some royal Italians and the very famous Raphael. The artist, not the Ninja Turtle. Go inside, take a peek at the worlds largest un-reinforced concrete dome. It’s insane. We only had about 10 minutes to do a quick lap (hence no pictures, they’re all slightly blurry) but if you’ve got the time to slowly meander, go for it. 

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Roman & Imperial Forums:

// I highly suggest getting a guided tour through this and the Colosseum. I love learning about history and have a semi-poor imagination so having a guide was exceptionally helpful. We learned all about daily life of a Roman and our guide had pictures of what the buildings actually looked like back in the day before they were a pile of ruins. If you chose to go it alone without a guide, definitely take your time. The grounds are huge there is a lot to see. Do a quick Google search of the forums so you can know what you’re looking at.

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna


// Ahh, there she is in all her glory. The beautiful Colosseum. Right next door to the Roman & Imperial Forums. Definitely do these both together. This is the largest Roman amphitheater that was once able to fit 50,000 people. You read that right, 50. Thousand. If you think it’s beautiful now, imagine it fully constructed with tiles and plaster everywhere! Pictures do not to the size of this building justice. Those people are teeny tiny specks! Even from the inside it’s hard to believe just how large the amphitheater is. 

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Spanish Steps:

// You’re right, that is not a picture of the Spanish Steps above. It was closed for construction when I was there, and still is. It’s supposed to be opening soon so definitely look into that before you plan your trip. You can even look at a live webcam of the progress on the construction! Anyways, the Spanish steps are an amazingly beautiful giant staircase within the Piazza di Spagna in Roma. There is a ton of shopping and cafes in this plaza so you definitely need to check it out. And, although the staircase was closed, they do have a small section open so you can go to the top and see the magnificent view! At least you can say you were on the steps. 

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Trevi Fountain:

This was yet another thing in Roma that took my breath away. The size of this fountain is unbelievable. You turn a random corner, assuming you’re lost and BAM it’s right there. It is also incredibly crowded so be patient as you make your way forward to toss your coin into the fountain. 

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II

// Or whatever you want to call it. This monstrosity has a lot of names. Either way, there is literally no way you could miss this thing. It’s ginormous. I’m not sure if you can see just how small those people in front of it are. If you’ve got the time go wander around take a look at all of the beautiful statues. This is also the home of Italy’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Victor Emmanuel II was the first king of Italy and he’s one of those famous Italians buried over at the Pantheon. Supposedly That horse statue in the middle is so large that once the casting was completed they had a celebratory dinner inside the stomach of the horse. Not sure how true that is but the statue is massive.

You made it!! 

If you’ll notice, there is no mention of Vatican City. And, that’s because it’s getting it’s own post! Everyone needs to visit the Vaitcan when in Roma, even if you aren’t religious at all. It’s such a must see place that it’s getting it’s own post so stay tuned! 

Fun Facts/ Tips for Travel:

// Sunscreen is your best friend here. I got badly sunburned and it’s my own fault. You do a ton of walking and will be outside most of the time. Be prepared!

// The Pantheon is exactly as wide as it is tall!

// That ole coin tossing I mentioned at the Trevi fountain? It’s said that tossing a coin over your left shoulder into the fountain ensures a return visit.

// There are public water fountains all over the place. Take advantage! The water is tasty and at most restaurants you will pay for water.

// Did you know the Colosseum could be flooded for mock sea battles? 

// Rome’s streets can be very confusing because they are so crowded. Be sure to circle everywhere you want to go on a map and the nearest metro stations. It’s hard to ask for directions if you can’t point out where you want to go on a map! 

// The warning signs on the metro doors are my favorite of all. The guy tripping on the bottom right is my clumsy spirit animal. 



When In Roma: What to see, do and eat! // Being Leanna

Hope you enjoyed this extensive guide to Roma, Italy! Please Pin any of the pictures above if you loved this post! It would mean the world to me!

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Is it still taboo to talk about money? 18 comments

Is it still taboo to talk about money? Tips from working at a credit union // Being Leanna

Is it still taboo to talk about money?

Happy Monday!

I thought i’d slowly ease into the week by talking about a nice, light topic. Money. Haha, just kidding. You see, I worked at a credit union for 4 years so talking about money became my norm. I never realized how little people actually know about money until it was my job to deal with money. 

So, here are some takeaways that I learned from my 4 years of experience in a credit union. Trust me, this isn’t rocket science. It’s just some easy things to remember!

// Money doesn’t buy happiness.

— So cliche, but so true. People with hundreds of thousands of dollars still have the same things going on in their lives as us regular folk do. Having money doesn’t make them any happier. I’ve seen plenty of miserable people with hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

// Even if you have a joint account with someone it’s important to have your own money.

— I know it’s convenient to have a joint account, I know it’s easier to pay bills that way, I know it’s showing how much you trust someone by combining your finances. But, if you must do it, please keep a separate account with your own money in it. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen couples split up and come into the bank wondering why they have no money. Same goes for joint loans. If you can do it yourself, do it. I remember a woman who had to pay the loan on her ex husband’s car because it had been a joint loan. He stopped paying so she had to in order to keep her accounts from being frozen. I know I sound very “glass half empty” but it happens, a lot more than you’d think. Keep some money for yourself! 

// Learn about your credit.

— Having worked with loans and member education for years I cannot stress the importance of learning about credit. I am not an accountant, or a financial adviser so nothing I say is advice but, I will say that paying your bills on time is only a part of it. There are many factors that go into determining your credit score so go and do your research and get a credit check. You’re entitled to 3 free reports a year, one from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Paying on time, keeping your ratio of balance to available credit low, having diverse accounts, and the age of your account are all important. Remember to go to a legitimate website when requesting a credit report. 

// Download that app for your financial institution if they have one!

— Most people have smartphones nowadays so there is no excuse to not know how much money you have in the bank. To avoid overdraft fees check your balance on a regular basis. It takes 30 seconds to check before swiping your card, and depending on your credit union or bank, it saves from the embarrassment of your card being declined. 

// If you can, open a sub account, or separate savings account for yourself

— It is much easier to save money when you keep it hidden from yourself. Open a separate savings account and throw in what you can that way you don’t spend it. It’ll add up quickly. Alternatively a lot of banks and credit unions offer holiday club accounts that act as a savings account and freeze your money, then they release it into your checking account right around the holidays.

// Get direct deposit.

— It’s 2016. The only excuse you have for not having direct deposit is if your company doesn’t offer it. Gone are the days of paper checks (which you can deposit electronically anyways at a lot of financial institutions) and in is the electronic age of banking. A lot of financial institutions can get you your paycheck a day earlier if you have direct deposit (I get paid on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays!) and who doesn’t want their money earlier? Plus, having your paycheck automatically disperse itself helps for budgeting. If $ automatically goes into your savings you’re less likely to go in there to retrieve it. If $ automatically pays your loans, you don’t have to worry about any late payments.

// Pay your taxes!

— If you don’t, the government/state can freeze your bank account and nobody at the branch can help you. You won’t be able to pay your loans, buy groceries, or pay for gas until it’s settled up, and they can charge a fee on top of what you owe for the trouble of having to track you down and freeze your account. Please don’t get mad at them, there is literally nothing your bank officer can do about it. Oh, and just as important as paying your taxes, pay your alimony and child support. Your account can get frozen from not paying those as well. 

I learned a lot  about budgeting while I was working for a credit union. I always keep track of my spending and I make sure to save money every month. If you guys want to know how I typically budget my money, let me know in the comments or tweet me @beingleanna.

Save your money, pay your bills, keep some $ for yourself and learn about your credit! Click To Tweet

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How I Survived the Week: Olympics, Trivia and Photos 1 comment

Where oh where did the week go? Not that i’m mad about it being Friday but for realz, where did the week go? I was so busy all week at work that I feel like I barely survived. Two of my coworkers are going on vacation next week so I had to cram all of my questions (i’m still training) into this week. Also, I could have sworn that I had my Rome recap scheduled for Wednesday but apparently I don’t know the date. Next Wednesday it is! 

For being so busy at work i’ve been a bum at home (besides going out to Trivia Wednesday). I’ve done practically nothing but watch the Olympics from the time I get home until I go to bed. Please tell me i’m not the only Olympic obsessed one out there. Anybody? Luckily, I have managed to read some blog posts this week so I wanted to share some of my favorites here today! 

//Blog Q&A: Networking Etiquette – A Beautiful Mess

I know i’m not the only one who struggles with reaching out to other bloggers and this post really helped to give me some confidence for when I take the plunge. It’s hard to reach out to someone you look up to and these 3 tips from the ABM team are super simple, but super helpful.

//South Iceland: A Guide to the Best Stops- Life With A View

I may have mentioned 1 or 1000 times that i’m dying to go to Iceland. I’ve been doing some serious planning lately but I still need to pick a date to go. Jeannie breaks down the best and most beautiful places to see in South Iceland and they’ve all just been put on my list. Plus, she threw in a free guidebook. Give me a guide for any destination and i’m on board.




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//25 Inspirational Quotes for Women Who Travel- Girl Vs. Globe

We all love quotes. We all love travel. Sabina went a step further and compiled a list of travel quotes. The best part? They are all quotes by women. Now, i’ve got a whole list of quotes by a slew of amazing women to serve as travel inspiration. My favorite: “Traveling carries with it the curse of being at home everywhere and yet nowhere, for wherever one is, some part of oneself remains on another continent.” -Margot Fonteyn

//Helene’s Course on Brit & Co.

Okay, I may have cheated a bit because a course is not a blog post but, Helene did write a blog post about it! I definitely bought this course after confirming with Helene that us Android users will get just as much out of it as the ole’ Apple people. I don’t have a fancy DSLR and all of my blog pictures are taken with my phone. Obviously the quality is not the same but I’ve been doing pretty good so far. So, why not spend a little $$ to learn how to take even better phone photos? It’s way cheaper than buying a digital camera, that’s for sure. If you bought it too or have taken it already (i’m waiting till the weekend) let me know what you think!

//Banana Muffins with Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate- How Sweet It Is

Anyone who knows me, knows that I eat a banana every day. It’s my go-to breakfast and probably one of my favorite foods. Especially when you combine it with peanut butter. Which, is totally a great addition to this recipe now that I think about it. Anyways, banana bread is amazing, banana muffins? Even better. I have yet to try a recipe from Jessica that turned out poorly. Her whole blog is drool-worthy.  Get in my mouth. 


Just call me #grillmaster 🍗✌

A photo posted by Leanna (@beingleanna) on

So, on top of my favorite posts of the week I thought i’d share 5 of my happy moments this week. Let me know your 5 happy moments in the comments below!


After months of trying new eyeliners with a lot of fails (hellooooo major eye irritation) I bought my ole’ standby the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Demolition and cannot wait for it to show up.

//Happy Mail

I mailed out my #fallforSYBL package on Monday! I cannot wait to see what the lovely Meghan got me and I really hope she loves her gifts. Blog swaps are so. much. fun.  


I played Trivia with some friends Wednesday night and I knew the answer to the final question! I totally won the game for us which was awesome because I was NOT helpful at all the rest of the game haha. Who woulda thought that Peter Pan knowledge would come in handy?


I got Fleur De Force’s book in the mail this week and i’m so excited to read it. She’s one of my favorite blogger/YouTubers and i’ve loved following along and watching all of her successes. 


I went to HomeGoods on Tuesday and didn’t buy a single thing! It took a lot of restraint but I feel so good about it. Gotta save every last penny for that down payment come spring time! (especially if I keep spending money on trips)

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend! Continue to enjoy Summer while it lasts. I will admit, i’m guilty of already having some Sam Adams Octoberfest and I don’t feel the least bit guilty!

Question of the day: What was your favorite thing from this week?

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No More Wondering What If! 2 comments

No More Wondering What If// Being Leanna

No More Wondering What If…

A year ago this past week I moved to the beach to start a new chapter in my life. I was ready to make a move and stop wondering what if. 

It lasted 4 months.

It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Today, i’m reflecting upon that time and sharing the most important things I learned from my experience, the good and bad. Sometimes you really just need to take the leap and just go for it. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out but, that’s better than wondering “what if” for the rest of your life. 

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No More Wondering What If// Being Leanna

The first day in paradise after the nightmare of moving into my apartment

The Good:

// I learned how to have a backbone and take care of myself. I learned that I could actually do it. Go somewhere and start over. Find a job, a place to live and survive on my own; I learned to be much more self reliant. I even survived my first cockroach experience all by myself.

// Learned to negotiate. When you’re supporting yourself and you’ve got rent to pay, you learn to negotiate your salary. The bank I worked for didn’t pay a lot but I was able to negotiate a higher wage for myself so I could live on that. Luckily, I had a degree, experience and the reputation of a hard working New Yorker going for me. (If you want some advice on how to negotiate your salary, check out Nicole’s post here!) 

// The best lesson? I learned that while living in paradise is great, there’s no place like home. I would rather live near family (in the awful Upstate NY winters) with a steady, well paying job and have the money to travel than to live in paradise, barely make a living and be far away from my family. 

//Southern Hospitality is real and it’s great. People who don’t even know you can be so kind and open. I could not believe at how polite and sweet everyone I met down south was. It was so easy to make friends because everyone was so nice. But, on the flip side….

No More Wondering What If// Being Leanna

I did so many fashion posts from South Carolina, i’m really starting to miss them

The Bad:

// Racism, Sexism, Ageism was pretty rampant where I lived. It was heartbreaking. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I grew up in a family that taught me never to judge anybody for any differences they may have and it was shocking to live somewhere where that wasn’t the case. I happened to be in NMB when same sex marriage became legal in all states and I remember how poorly a lot of people took it down there. It was so strange to experience.

// The beach becomes normal. I knew the novelty of the beach would wear off eventually but, it happened so much faster than I thought. A trip to the ocean isn’t as exciting when it’s just down the road. Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful and I still could have went every day but, when you’re working 2 jobs you just wanna lounge on your couch.

// Christmas is weird in places it doesn’t get cold. Lights on a palm tree were just so strange to see haha. Holidays without your family are hard. A big reason I moved home was that I wasn’t going to be home for Christmas and  I just couldn’t handle that. I managed Thanksgiving just fine but Christmas is a whole other story. There was no way I could miss Christmas. So, I called my old job in NY, got out of my lease and headed home.

No More Wondering What If// Being Leanna

The giant fish at my favorite place down in NMB Barefoot Landing

And Now?

I was home just before Christmas and I haven’t looked back since. While South Carolina is beautiful, it definitely would have never felt like home. I hate the winter but I love my family too much to be that far away from them… Unless I could get a job in London, i’d move there in a heartbeat #yolo! 

ps- I hate myself for saying YOLO but that’s exactly how I feel. 

Questions of the day: Would you move abroad? (I’d LOVE to) Have you ever had an experience where you did something just so you wouldn’t live the rest of your life wondering, what if?

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